St. Paul’s Education Trust

The trust:

In the total world population, about more than 30% of the population are children. Some of the children among this population are well to do, affluent, privileged, and provided with all the basic needs. In many of the communities there are children, who are deprived of their basic facilities and previleges. While some of us, pondered about all of these, it was realized by us that how greatly we are privileged and blessed. Here arouses a question, that in what way we can be of use for the society in addressing some of the above problems.

In view of the above, we have planned to start a boarding home in a humble
way to help the needy and destitutue, deserving children in their education. We have a Trust under the Government of Karnataka as a charitable trust in the name of St. Paul’s Educations Trust by joining some like minded members.


The project:

A boarding home for about 10 boys was planned to be started in a place called Chickballapur which is a semi-rural town. This home will be a “home away from home“ for the under-privileged, deserving, needy poorest of the poor children belonging to socially, economically poor and backward families. These children will be admitted into the home without considering their caste and creed.

Hundreds of such children are wasting their life on the streets without going to school because of their poverty, ignorance of the family, lack of social awareness of the parents etc. Some of them will be drawn and admitted in our home. The value based, quality and respectful life will be provided for these children for their good future.


Aims and Objectives:

– Create a “home away from home” for the children.
– Provide a respectful life for the children belonging to socially disadvantaged families.
– Provide free quality education, clothing, shelter, food, medical support through periodical health check-ups to ensure that the children maintain a good health.
– Instil ethical, moral, spiritual values in the hearts of the children.
– Prepare responsible citizens for the family, society and the country.
– Provide learning through interaction, visitation, nature study etc.